Luke and Leia’s Story

“In March 2014, our beloved pug Hummus passed away and left his brother Miso alone, and all of us were mourning pretty hard without him. Miso especially was going through a real heartbreak, and we knew we would need to adopt another sibling for him sooner than later. We began to look for another black pug, 8 years or older, to keep Miso company and eventually win him over the way that Hummus did when we adopted him.

After a few days of searching, we stumbled up on the story of 12 year old siblings Luke & Leia (then Jake & Jill), from Under My Wing Pug Rescue in Ottawa. We were definitely not looking to adopt two more dogs, but I kept going back to look at their sweet little faces and read their story. Their owner had them their whole lives and they were littler mates, and the duo needed to be adopted together. I could see that Under My Wing had been trying for over 7 months to find them a home together but there was no one taking them on. After the 20th time going back to peek at their page, I talked to Matt about how he would feel about adopting two, and we put in an application.

We were approved and drove to Ottawa to pick them up on it was definitely love at first sight! Luke’s little head tilt, Leia’s goofy smile… Luke settled in within the first hour of being home, and Leia took a few weeks to really get comfortable, but at the time of this photo in September 2014, everyone was getting along and doing wonderfully.

Adopting seniors is rewarding and wonderful, they are so grateful and sweet, and it feels good to know you are providing a loving home for older dogs who often sit in shelters or with fosters for months or years. But there is sadness too, as our Luke passed away just a few weeks after this photo was taken.

We only had 6 months with that beautiful soul, but we truly wouldn’t have done anything differently. We were completely blessed to have him in our lives, however short it was. Now Miso and Leia are forming a closer bond, and our senior duo are currently sleeping in a sunbeam together at my feet. Old pug love.”

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