Chewie’s Story

“I adopted my dog, Chewie back in 2010. While reading the Toronto Star one morning in my news class, I came across an article about 33 Chihuahuas that were rescued from an Oakville home. The dogs were found living in squalid conditions and was described by animal protective services as one of the worst cases they have ever seen.
Once my class was over, I drove to the Oakville Humane Society to fill out adoption papers. I went home and hoped to be considered.

Months later, my life was in shambles. I lost a very dear friend to suicide and was in a dark place. I went to my parents’ house to get my mind off things for a weekend, only to find my family dog dead in our kitchen. Things were horrible. The next day, I received a phone call from the Oakville Humane Society telling me I could go in to pick one of the rescued dogs.

Chewie came into my life at a really dark time and changed it for the better. I adopted her, but essentially, she rescued me.”  –  Trishelle 

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