Daisy’s Story

“Daisy was a chain dog. After neighbours became concerned, Daisy ended up at a shelter but nobody wanted her. She was too big. Too energetic. Too strong. Had never been indoors. Never socialized.

That’s how she ended up with Adopt a Dog, Save a Life. A rescue dedicated to fostering dogs slated for death or medical research. My family had adopted two dogs from them before that had passed within the year.

I had experience adopting dogs with medical issues but had never taken in a rescue with major behavioural problems. Daisy had no idea how to be a good dog.

The early days were rough. It was clear the only interaction she had ever had with humans involved ‘wrestling’ with them. Maybe it was cute when she was a puppy but, by the time I adopted her, Daisy was 80lbs and could easily knock you off your feet. She put holes in walls shoving furniture out of the way so she could get to her lost toys, she barked constantly and, most alarming, would run away every chance she got with no understanding of traffic.

But we worked at her training. Every day.

Daisy, while incredibly quirky, also happens to be one of the smartest dogs you’ll ever meet. I won’t pretend I broke her of all of those behavioural issues but she’s a different dog now. Calm, protective and unwaveringly loyal.

We’ve been together for over 7 years. I taught her how to be a better dog and she taught me how to be a better human. Adopting a dog with behavioural issues teaches patience and consistency. In return, they reward you with love and affection.

Every day, Daisy seems happy to be alive. She reminds me to live my life the same way.”  –  Amanda

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