Shirley’s Story

“I’ll never forget being woken up one Sunday morning when I got a call from one of the coordinators of Bullies In Need asking if I would consider fostering a female beagle who was scheduled to be euthanized the next day at a rural shelter outside of Ottawa. The coordinator had been up at the shelter assessing a male pit bull when she noticed Shirley jumping all four feet off the ground straight into the air to get her attention from inside a different run. She reached in to give Shirley some attention and it was then that she was informed of Shirley’s euthanasia date.

One week later I was on route home from meeting to pick Shirley up in Kingston. That night, as I looked at the small little beagle curled up on my floor I knew she would fit in, I knew that she was home. Shirley was everything that I had wanted in a 3rd dog at the time; independent, confidant, super social with people and a natural when assessing other dogs in shelters. She is keen to learn and even more fun to learn from.

The reality of over dog population has never been as evident to me as it is when I look at my Shirley. I am still in shock that this little spitfire was so close to loosing her life simply due to lack of a space in a very well meaning shelter. Had it not been for my dear friend and partner in rescue I would not get to share these years with a dog that makes me laugh, challenges me in every way and still springs with all four feet off the ground.

Shirley is know as “the warden” in our home; whenever foster dogs want to play or have fun Shirley will come from wherever she’s resting and start barking at them to “stop”.”

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