Halladay’s Story

“We adopted our greyhound Halladay in May 2011 through the good people at GINA (Greyhounds in Need of Adoption), who provide new homes for retired racing greyhounds. Under his racing name of Gable Stroke, out of Wheeling, West Virginia, he’d won a grand total of one race, but he finished a strong second or third in several others! Once his racing days were over, he needed a forever home. By the time he came to us he was 5 years old, a sweet, loving yet rather stubborn dog that needed some extra time in foster care before he was cleared for adoption. He introduced himself to us running into our living room and instantly peeing on our white rug. We ultimately tossed the rug…. but loved the attitude. We renamed him after Roy Halladay, Blue Jays pitching legend and family favourite.

The first few weeks were challenging as we each got to know each other. He had to learn to trust a new home, new people and an entirely new life. Once he calmed down and let us walk him properly, all got better. As the months passed, his funny, sweet and awesome personality emerged and he became the confident, happy perfect dog we had envisioned.

Three and a half years later we remain amazed at how much of an impact Halladay has had on our lives. He’s truly part of our home and enjoys his status in our families as first grand-dog. He switches from ultra-lazy to hyper-energetic in seconds and (literally) spins himself around with excitement every time he senses a walk. He’s a quirky dog who makes us laugh every day, particularly when he turns to sleep upside down, with all four legs up roach-style, and his tongue hanging out of the side of his mouth. He clearly loves his second life. And we simply couldn’t imagine our lives without him.”


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