Anise’s Story

“Anise (“Ani” to those who know her) was run over by a car and seriously injured when she was a young puppy. Her owner at the time brought her to a vet clinic in London, but unfortunately could not afford to cover the cost of her care. So, Ani was surrendered to the vet clinic.

At the time, Ani was thought to be a pitbull mix (pfft…hardly! She’s more of a petite setter/terrier/mutt mix!). But, because of her perceived breed mix at the time, the vet clinic called Ador-a-Bull Dog Rescue for help.

As soon as ADR received the call about little Ani, they agreed to take her into their program. Once she was claimed by the rescue, she immediately underwent amputation surgery to remove her painful, injured leg.

While she was undergoing care with the vet, ADR posted a plea online for a foster home for Ani. When I saw her photo, I immediately knew that I wanted to help this little girl. I had previously fostered a ‘tripod’ dog, so I contacted the rescue and volunteered to help. A couple of days later, I brought Ani home.

From the moment I met Ani, I was blown away by her strong, determined, and cheerful nature. Even though she had just underwent a major, life-changing surgery, she didn’t let it break her spirit. Ani was determined to get around on her own and to keep living her life as a happy-go-lucky little pup. Over the first few weeks of knowing Ani, I formed a tight bond with her (as did my other dog, Izzy!), so I officially adopted her into my family soon after.

When most people meet Ani for the first time, their initial reaction is to feel bad for her. I often hear people say “Oh! Poor girl! She must have so much trouble getting around! That must be hard on her.” But, the truth is that even though Ani is technically a disabled dog, there is absolutely nothing that she cannot do. She runs laps around her doggie siblings, plays on the beach at the family cottage, and has even participated in recreational agility. She is one of the most capable and happy dogs that I’ve ever met! I’m very grateful to have her in my life.”  –  Kelly 

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