Hiya’s Story

“Hiya was brought to a local shelter as a stray as an older puppy. She was in horrible condition with demodex mange all over her body and sparse fur and raw infected skin. Soon after Patti from BIN was at the shelter evaluating other dogs when she caught sight of Hiya. When she saw how sick she was she simply could not leave her behind. Hiya left the shelter with Patti that very day and became a BIN dog. Hiya wasn’t even a bully breed and there was not a spot available in foster care but luckily a temporary foster was found. I started fostering her about 1 month later and within a few months had foster failed. I am so thankful BIN did not hesitate to take in Hiya even though they knew that demodex and skin conditions are expensive and time consuming to treat” Bullies In Need –  Emily 

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