Helen’s Story

“In February of 2014, after an ever so fitting Valentines day fundraiser photo shoot for Bullies In Need, Helen came home with us. She came to us with her feet so bloody and swollen that she could barely stand. She was also blind.

I had researched what living with a blind dog would be like, spoken with people in the field and friends of friends who had experience. But nothing could have prepared us for what we had in store. Helen walked into our house and bumped her little head on nearly everything. I was in tears watching her fumble her way around and try to do so with paws so raw she had to wear baby socks to avoid infection.

The next morning Helen woke up and navigated her way around the house like she had lived with us for years. It was then that I realized that Helens disability was taking much more of a toll on me than it was on her and it stopped me in my tracks.

Since then Helen’s feet have healed completely, she has completed a mainstream obedience program, has run a 5k race (and did so well!), and has completely stolen our hearts.

We have gotten Helen’s initial issues under control and she has even undergone corrective eye surgery but things just seem to keep coming up for her. Helen has been diagnosed with an immune disorder and because of that has faced multiple challenges, including losing a great deal of her fur and experiencing ongoing, short lived break outs on her skin; as well as her eye surgery being ineffective.
Through everything Helen has gone through, including some painful episodes, she has not once stopped wagging her tail, giving big ol’ kisses to everyone she meets and holding her head high. She has the most incredible spirit of anyone I have ever known and is truly my hero. ” ¬†– ¬†Jessica¬†

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