Mezzy’s Story

“I have been a core volunteer and foster home for a local rescue called Adorabull since 2012. My first foster (whom I ultimately decided to keep after forming an irrevocable bond with) was the first time I had the privilege of rehabilitating and nurturing the spirit of another living thing, a perfectly good soul who had just been dealt an undeserving start. I was hooked. At that point I made a promise to myself that my door would always be open, for any living creature big or small.

Well that’s when big Gomez “Mezzy” came along. Gomez was an owner surrender. He was confiscated from the owner at the age of 8 weeks old because of cruelty and abuse. A neighbour noticed the owner abusing Gomez outside of his home and was able to videotape the occurrence and ultimately save him from what could have only been a horrendous future. The police officer on site charged the owner under the SPCA act.

The shelter that came into possession of Gomez as well as another puppy that needed to be placed out of province and contacted Adorabull in hopes of finding foster homes for the two of them. The girls didn’t need to think twice about where to put Gomez the 8 week old bullmastiff, knowing full well my love for large breeds and soft spot for mastiffs, he was placed with us.

Jordan and I formed what would prove to be a natural and effortless relationship with him, as if we’d known each other for a million years. He would sit quietly beside Jordan while he read him poetry late into the evening, or lay in my lap for hours until I couldn’t feel my feet anymore. He came into our home almost two years ago and we could not imagine life without him.

The particular bond Mezzy and Jordan have is something exquisite to witness, “kindred spirits” is the only way I can do them justice.

We confirmed a decision that was already made the moment we met him, that he was ours, and underwent the process to adopt him permanently.

His soft demeanour and gentle soul allows us to bring him a variety of places and to meet all kinds of different people. He is especially taken with children, and has developed a close bond with my five year old niece. Being 5’3 I often get stopped or smiled at while walking this big dog down the street. It’s always such an amazing feeling to tell those who ask, that he is indeed a rescue.
Always shocked and pleasantly surprised, they tell me how “beautiful and kind he is.”” Learn more about  –  Samantha and Jordan

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