George’s Story

“As with many rescued animals, the past is foggy. As far as we know, George had a hard start to life. Born a runt with mangled hind legs, he was almost immediately put down by the breeder. Through sheer tyranny of will, George escaped the grim reaper’s clutches, defiantly dragging his hind legs to the vet, where he was promptly misdiagnosed with hip dysplasia and suffered a treatable condition for more than seven years. To our knowledge, interactions were strained. George did not let people or animals touch his defective hind legs. A reflex to pain was misinterpreted as aggression.

However, he did have a few things going for him: a loving first home, and a personality far bigger than his tiny frame. His first family cared for him and gave him space when he needed it and was able to keep him happy and undisturbed through to middle age, when his existence was uprooted. Circumstances changed for George one day when he and his family parted ways. With his comfort , mobility and his safe place all gone, George faced an uncertain future.

George got lucky. The adoption process got him screened by a vet, who properly diagnosed his luxating patellae as repairable. The kind and loving people at Buffalo Pug and Small Breed Rescue posted his picture and condition, and online donations paid the cost of his surgery.

We first saw George’s profile on We always knew we wanted to adopt an older dog, and believed we were a good fit for 8 year old George.

When we adopted George , he was recovering from his knee surgery. He had skinny, scarred, fragile hind legs and looked like he had no pants on for months while his hair grew back. His recovery was never a guarantee, but we wanted to give him refuge, a chance at recovery, or care to keep him comfortable for the rest of his days. At first, he was very skittish at being touched, and would sometimes yelp expecting pain.

Now, he is clearly getting used to the idea that life doesn’t hurt. It has been a great experience to watch him grow stronger and more confident and become a part of our family. He can jump up on the couch and is getting faster and more nimble all the time. George is fearless and loving in his interactions.

Life is good. George finally has his chance to kick ass with all four legs, and we are grateful to be a part of it.” Buffalo Pug & Small Breed Rescue, Inc.  –  Elena and Alex

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