Ready and Sterling’s Story

“Ready & Sterling are not just my dogs, they are my family. They have taught me unconditional love, patience, tolerance, and acceptance. We have shared our home with many foster dogs, and now with the recent addition of my son Xander, I couldĀ not have asked for 2 better siblings for him. I can only hope he grows up knowing the love of these two bullies.

Ready is an 11.5 year old pit bull who was rescued through Bullies in Need from a shelter in Whitby. She had landed in the shelter one too many times as a stray (it is illegal under DOLA for pit bulls to be stray) and animal control forced her previous owners to surrender her to the shelter or face legal implications. Her family signed her over to animal control, and luckily fate… Also known as Patti intervened. Ready was my first foster dog with Bullies in need. And the summer of 2009, my life changed. Ready was fostered by me for a month and a half before I realized she was home. I was determined not to adopt as I wanted to keep fostering and was only prepared to have one dog at a time. It was only when someone applied to adopt her did that sickening knot in my stomach tell me she would not be leaving. Of course this was only a surprise to me. Everyone else had known from day 1 that Ready was already home. She has been my saviour, my constant, my heart dog.

Luckily, Ready is the perfect resident dog, and has helped me foster over 40 others since, keeping them in line and showing them the ropes. We have been through a lot together and she has done more for me than I could ever hope to do for her. She is a cancer survivor, breed ambassador, and the biggest kisser you could ever hope to meet. I am grateful every day for her, and although she sometimes drives me crazy I wouldn’t have her any other way.

Sterling wasn’t supposed to come to me. I remember going to the shelter with one of my closest friends and rescue mentors to assess a pit bull who had been surrendered by his owners. It was a cold November day, and we went outside to collect him for his assessment from an outdoor run. He was quiet, sad, and unresponsive and shivering. Until we went inside. This dog turned into an instant wiggle machine, and hasn’t stopped since. As long as he’s not out in the cold without a sweater he is the happiest most loving boy. He passed the rescue assessment with flying colours and we continued with our day, trying to figure out a foster spot for him. A foster spot in my home unexpectedly opened, and with the holidays approaching i decided to foster him temporarily as we tried to find somewhere for him to go. Well, Ready fell in love. Sterling was adopted not just by me, but by Ready. Ready has had many foster siblings come and go over the years, but she was just smitten with his gentle soul. He is her perfect balance and match in every way, and never even made it up for adoption. Within a few weeks I made it official that ready and i were adopting sterling as part of our family. It still baffles me how his previous owners just dropped him off at the shelter… This perfect gorgeous dog. He is my sweet cuddle partner, the most handsome boy, my big buffoon, and has the best pitty wiggle you could ask for. “

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