Zuuley’s Story

“Our sweet ‘Zuuley’ rescued us as much as we rescued her. As far as we know she is around 5 years old, and the most loving little brindle pit.

Sadly we had to say goodbye to our cat of 18 years “GreyMan” this past February after battling Nasal Lymphoma for many months. It was very hard saying goodbye, and our hearts broke. We always wanted to rescue a Pit Mix but did not want GreyMan to be stressed by another being in his space during his final years. From time to time we volunteered with Sean Casey Animal Rescue (SCAR) in Brooklyn and walked dogs, and volunteered at their events. SCAR is one of the only “No-Kill shelters” in NYC and we always have done what we can to support them so it only made sense to give one of their dogs a “Forever Home.” We met several dogs but the minute we saw Zuuley it all made sense that we would be forever hers.

SCAR rescued her from being euthanized at NYC Animal Control during Hurricane Sandy in October 2012. She was very emotional, and stressed coming into the shelter. When they had her in the kennel area with other dogs she would walk in circles and shiver constantly. The staff decided to bring her crate upstairs into their office and she finally relaxed and basically became the “office dog.” They would let her out of the crate during the day and she would curl up in a near by chair waiting for someone to give her love. The first night we brought her home, within minutes she came alive knowing THIS was where she belonged all along, and immediately jumped up and curled up between our legs and slept. As the months have gone by her personality has blossomed, and she is more and more comfortable in new situations. We have traveled with her all over, and she LOVES everyone.

She is now a happy and rambunctious member of our family. We welcome our first child this Spring, and we know Zuuley will be the most nurturing big sis there is!

We run a non-for-profit, “PeaceForElephants.org,” where we have creative events to raise awareness for the cruelties inflicted upon Elephants around the globe. After rescuing Zuuley we have been working to start “PeaceForPitbulls.org” to make others aware of what an amazing and caring breed they are. People make Pit Bulls and Pit Mixes have bad reputations, but with awareness and love, they are the sweetest and most loyal members of you family.”  –  Meghan and Brad 

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