Apple Sauce’s Story

“Apple Sauce is a 9 month old long haired Chihuahua. He was born with severe congenital deformities, an open fontanel and inguinal hernia. He was also the runt of the litter. Some small breed dogs are born with a slight opening in the skull but his encompassed his whole head, leaving his brain exposed. This could lead to brain issues. Any trauma to the brain itself due to its exposure can cause blindness, seizures, hydrocephalus, aggression, and behavioural problems. He was rescued from a puppy mill by Sean Casey Animal Rescue.

I have been working with Sean Casey Animal Rescue for about six years. I fostered many young puppies, kittens, and even rats! On April 1, 2014 Sean Casey asked me to step outside for a moment. I was a little skeptical since it was “April Fool’s Day.” I finally went outside, and that is when I saw this palm sized 5 week old puppy sitting in Sean’s hand. He then asked me if I can foster him. I screamed “of course” and was super excited to take him home. It was at that moment that Sean told me this wasn’t a routine foster. He then informed me of his condition and told me he may not survive but I should love and care for him and do the best we can. He told me the history of puppy mills and said that if we didn’t take him the puppy mill would have just killed him because of his deformities. It is now time to name him and Sean told me that his 2 year old son called him Apple Sauce and that is what stuck!

I brought him to the vet the next morning for a regular exam, and an opinion on his condition. Several of the vets and specialists recommended euthanizing him, saying that he would never be normal and would need a lot of special care. I chose not to do that since he was not suffering. The next day, I brought him to Dr. Jill Caruso of Faithful Friends Animal Hospital. She told me the problems that may arise, but told me since he was not suffering at the time to just be careful and monitor his health. At this time he weighed only .66lb (little more than a half pound). Then we all began to hope for the best. Every two weeks we went in for regular exams and weight checks.

The first couple of nights were the hardest, knowing that he may not make it. I kept a close eye on him and monitored his eating. He knew how to use a wee wee pad right away and he was the most loving, sweet puppy. As he got older, he seemed to get a lot stronger and healthier. We were going to the vet regularly and he was gaining weight each time. After everything we had gone through, and how he got along with the other pets in the house, I decided he was our new addition. He is now a healthy happy puppy. I couldn’t picture my life without him.”  –  Valerie 

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