Babyface’s Story

“Two and a half years ago, we moved into an apartment in the Park Slope neighbourhood of Brooklyn. One day, when surfing the net, we came across a picture of Babyface and found out he was at a close by shelter called Sean Casey Animal Rescue. Shortly after, we went to the shelter and requested to walk him. The staff member working told us that while Babyface was sweet, he was also very afraid and did not know how to walk on a leash. He had been rescued from a highly abusive situation and had spent many months at the shelter waiting for his forever home. During our initial encounter with Babyface in his cage, he looked intimidating and had a loud bark; however, as we approached, he flopped over on his back and the staff told us that he was requesting a belly rub.

After obliging, we tried to take him for a walk which turned out to be a major challenge. We got about 20 feet before he clawed the pavement so badly that his paws bled as he tried to crawl back into the shelter. We then contemplated whether or not we could handle adopting a dog with so many issues in the city, without a yard, and in a small 1-bedroom apartment. After visiting the shelter several times and walking many other dogs, we kept thinking about Babyface. We worried that his behavioral issues would delay or prevent him from finding a home and came to the conclusion that we were up for the task of rehabilitating him with lots of patience, time, and love. We then visited the shelter again.

This time, we took a different approach. We carried him to a little fenced in area about a block from the shelter and let him wander around in the grass. Immediately, he looked more comfortable, allowed us to pet him, and we decided to take him home. Having Babyface has tremendously impacted our lives. He has learned how to trust others and to not be so afraid and has taught us the meaning of resilience, patience, and unconditional love. He makes us laugh everyday with his expressions and playfulness and we couldn’t have asked for a better dog.”  –  Willie and Laura

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