Pam’s Story

“I first met Pam while volunteering at a Sean Casey Animal Rescue event. She was shut down, scared, recovering from pretty serious demodex mange, and pathetic looking. Fortunately (and unfortunately at the same time) we did not have much foot traffic that day. Walking through the truck, I could tell that she was not a happy dog, so I made it a point to take her out and keep her with me the entire day. According to the S.C.A.R. staff & volunteers, she didn’t really react with anyone… until we met. Not much more than an hour or two into the day, she was climbing up on my lap, looking for pets, and when someone would come over to ask about her, she could be found hiding behind me. I fell in love, but was not ready (or so I thought) to adopt a dog. At the end of the day, I opened her crate door to give her a goodbye pat on the head, and she pulled herself out onto my lap and curled up. I melted.

I told Kelly all about Pam that night (and throughout that day – with pictures). We decided that since we couldn’t take her in, we would at least find her a home. For the next 3-4 weeks, one or both of us would show up at the shelter to walk her to try to acclimate her to normal life. It took over a week just to get her to walk outside of the shelter. The rest is kind of history… visits every week strengthened our bond, and soon she was home with us.

Kelly and I are both avid animal lovers, and know that all animals deserve a chance, and I’ve heard tons of excellent turn around stories – but to witness one and help create one first hand was amazing. Today Pam is nothing like the dog she was when I first met her. She is outgoing, fun, a pretty good Frisbee player and well known around the neighbourhood. We have someone who is excited not only just when we come home, but even entering from another room – she’s always happy to see us. Some dogs are happy, gloomy, mellow, etc… Pam is the first dog I’ve ever seen that is literally ALWAYS happy. I truly think that she is appreciative of the home that she has every day, and we couldn’t be more thankful to her for making our home complete. We couldn’t imagine life without Pam, and we are truly grateful that she chose to rescue us.”  –  Jason and Kelly 

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