John’s Story

” I have many posts on my FaceBook from many shelters & rescues. Dogs & cats, & other animals, abused, neglected, & abandoned. I cross post in hopes of helping them. I’ve seen many terrible cases. But one post I saw, just totally broke my heart. I was in tears. A dog picked up by ACC onĀ the streets of Brooklyn, Ny. He looked dead. ACC called Sean Casey Animal Rescue. They immediately brought him to Pet Haven Animal Hospital. They said he could only blink his eyes. He was extremely emaciated, covered in feces, with a gash on his throat & hind leg, along with other wounds all over.

At approximately 18 months old, he was only 18Lbs. A Black Lab Pit mix. They didn’t know if he would survive. Sean took a good look, & saw he had a strong will to survive, so he decided they should give him that chance, & not to euthanize him. His progress was posted often, as people were following his story. He started to gain many fans. Sofie , a teen volunteer at Sean’s spent a lot of time with him. She posted pics of him often. She has a Facebook page called “NYC Teens For Animals” .

John’s Popularity soon spread all over the world. He was considered a miracle to have survived. As time went by, people wanted to adopt him. I watched his progress, so happy he was doing well, but at the same time, I would still cry at the thought of what he went through.

One particular pic that was posted, I could just look into his soulful eyes, I fell in love. More time had passed, Finally the post I was waiting for. John is ready to be adopted! OMG! I want to adopt this baby so bad. I want to spoil him, & Give him love he never knew. With so many wanting him, I didn’t think I had a chance. I quickly emailed as requested, telling of my family & life, anything they might need to know. I called a few times telling them I’d love to meet him. Finally an appointment, I was so excited. I asked my husband to leave work early. I can’t even describe the feeling, when I first saw him. It was just total love. We spent a few hours with him. I was so amazed just looking at him. I think I entered a state of shock. We were asked if we could continue our visits & we did. By the 4th visit he wanted to leave with us, refusing to go back to his kennel. I felt so bad each day, having to leave him. By the 5th day we were told, we would be able to adopt him. I was ecstatic. Couple days later we went to sign his adoption papers.

They filmed the event & included it in Sean Casey’s Documentary “Rescue Brooklyn” . I promised I would protect him with my life, & I would bring him to visit all the people that helped & love him. I don’t want him to lose any of his true friends. Sofie spending so much time with him, developed a bond. Being the same age as my daughter, they found a lot in common, & became good friends.

John now attends adoption events in hopes of encouraging & inspiring others to adopt. He still has many fans keeping up with him from my posts. We now have him over a year & a half, February will make 2 years. We spoil him so much, we take him everywhere with us. We just started to teach him to stay home sometimes. I feel so bad doing this, but I know we need to do this. He’s part of the family & he knows this.”

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