Brinkley’s Story

“Amy (my wife) and I were waiting impatiently to find the perfect dog to adopt. Our original plan was to adopt a dog that was hypo-allergenic, not too big, and not a puppy. It’s funny how that changes when you walk into a shelter and see dozens of pairs of pleading eyes vying for your attention. We walked through the Sean Casey Animal Rescue Sunset Park location and, to put it mildly, we were overwhelmed.

One dog stood out: Girlie, a 50 pound pit bull terrier mix. When we saw her she simply sat down and looked at us. She gave me kisses through the gate of her cage and didn’t bark once. Amy and I left shortly thereafter because it was almost too much to bear, all of those dogs pleading for attention. I couldn’t sleep that night and told Amy that I wanted to go back to take Girlie for a walk. She agreed. The next day, Girlie was excited to see us and was equally excited to be out of the cage. She dragged us down 39th street and relieved herself on the curb. One of her regular volunteer walkers, Elena, offered to take Girlie around the block with us when she saw us returning to the shelter. We accepted her offer and found out that Girlie still needed to relieve herself and that she was a sucker for treats. We walked and spoke with Elena to find our suspicions were true: Girlie was a huge mush. Of course she was rough around the edges but she was also extremely gentle and sweet. Girlie was one of Elena’s favorite dogs at the shelter and she couldn’t figure out why this lovely dog had not been adopted yet. She told us how Girlie recently had puppies, all of whom were adopted.

When we returned to the shelter it took about 2 seconds for Amy and I to make our decision. There was no way we were leaving without Girlie as a part of our family.

We named her Brinkley (Christy Brinkley if you want to be formal). We trained her with the help of our friend Rob Haussmann ( and now she is the most agreeable dog we know. She greets us every day with a tap dance routine when we come home and she always wants to be a part of what’s going on. She loves her toys and she LOVES food. When people ask us how we chose her, it’s tough to take credit; Brinkley chose us.”  –  Amy and Brian

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