Temo’s Story

Temo came to us from Sean Casey Animal Rescue in Brooklyn, NY. Originally a southern boy, he was brought up from Kentucky with a twin sister in 2013. We had heard wonderful things about Sean Casey Animal Rescue from people in the area and upon deciding to rescue a dog, we started looking at their various adoption events. The crew from the adoption truck eventually got to know us from us making the rounds, and one fateful day they suggested we look at a few dogs at the Sunset Park location of SCAR. One of the women begged us to look at Temo (who at the time was named Luck), thinking he was the perfect match for us. A boxer-sharpei mix, she described him as a beautiful dog, low-key, and sweet. His sister had recently been adopted and he was absolutely ready for a home. We went to meet him that day.

We were immediately struck by his sweet personality and unique appearance. We loved his bat ears, wiggling nub tail, and his little underbite. It was clear to us that he was a remarkably calm and well adjusted dog despite his unknown past. On the car ride home the next day, we knew we made the right choice. Temo jumped into the back seat and promptly fell asleep on Zach’s lap, totally relaxed as if he knew he was going home.

Since the day we adopted him, Temo has enriched our lives in so many ways. He makes us laugh on a daily basis, whether its the wiggle butt dance he does when we come home or something as simple as a well-timed dramatic sigh. He’s such a loyal companion; he always wants to be by your side and is so patient, loving and gentle. He never fails to lift our moods and could lay cuddling in your lap for hours. We are so fortunate to have Temo in our life and are forever grateful to Sean Casey Animal Rescue for bringing us together.

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