Xander’s Story

I adopted Xander from Sean Casey Animal Rescue on November 3, 2012 – the weekend after Super Storm Sandy. Xander was found in a box full of puppies in Staten Island before he made his way to SCAR. I volunteer for the rescue and it was known that I was looking for my first dog. Xander wasn’t at the rescue for long before they told me they had a puppy there I might be interested in.

I remember walking over to the rescue feeling unsure and nervous. When I got there, they handed me this 5-pound Shih Tzu fur ball. I held him close and he snuggled his adorableness into me. Any doubts I was having melted away…there was no turning back for me! It’s been two years since I adopted Xander and he has been my absolute everything since. He is a playful, funny, loyal and energetic cuddle monster of a puppy. It is truly a case of who rescued who!

And he even does his part to help out at SCAR. He is the doggy in the puppy-kissing booth at the Halloween block party and he helps me sell t-shirts at events.


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