Daphne’s Story

“Purely on impulse, on December 26, 2011, I decided I needed to have a dog. Four days later I adopted Daphne from Sean Casey Animal Rescue, I decided to keep the name she had gotten at SCAR and it fits her. In Greek mythology Daphne is a wood sprite and that definitely describes my girl.

Daphne is funny, sweet, bright, gentle (mostly), talkative, forgiving a great companion, and 100% a people loving dog. People stop me on the street to talk and pet her. She has a way about her which communicates that she is readily accessible and wants to be petted and loved by almost all she meets. She has been my access into my community. The SCAR people are now my friends, and Daphne insists on visiting them on a regular basis. Also, people know Daphne and me in the community. She is a bit of a neighborhood celebrity.

I count her as one of my best friends.” ¬†– ¬†Susan

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