Tanzie’s Story

Tanzie came to us about 3 1/2 years ago from the faraway land of Puerto Rico. She was a stray in a small town outside of San Juan, where stray dogs run rampant, and one day she happened to jump in the lap of Theresa La Bianca, a proactive animal empath who works at Sean Casey Animal Rescue in Brooklyn.

Theresa was so taken with Tanzie she took her home to Brooklyn and to SCAR in hopes of finding her a healthy home. My partner and I had been looking for the right dog to bring into our home for a couple of months and when we saw the picture of Tanzie and read her story, we went to Sean Casey right away, hoping that this dog would be the one.

When we arrived to the rescue center and inquired about Tanzie, they said we could walk her, but Theresa had the final decision on who would be the right match for Tanzie and had turned down a couple of families already.

With that in mind and the confidence of being a lifetime dog owner, we took Tanzie for a walk and ended up on the steps of our Brooklyn stoop where Tanzie immediately cozied up into my lap. I was instantly smitten and have been ever since.

Fortunately after meeting Theresa she let Tanzie go home with us and of course she has become the center schmoo of our household ever since. We can’t imagine a life without Tanzie and hope we don’t have to for a very long time.

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