Meli’s Story

We adopted our pit bull, Meli, in August 2014 from an organization called Twenty Paws Rescue, with assistance from Foster Dogs NYC. Meli was underweight, dirty, and clearly anxious when someone found her wandering the streets of the Bronx. She was taken to Animal Care & Control of Manhattan, where unfortunately she was scheduled for euthanasia due to kennel cough. Luckily, her future foster parents spotted her profile and asked Twenty Paws Rescue to pull Meli from AC&C. In her foster home, Meli was finally able to become healthy (she gained almost 10 pounds in her first month there!). She had several medical issues due to her abuse; she was used as a breeding dog, had a burn mark on her head, and had to have three lumps surgically removed — these resulted from blunt force trauma.

Despite all of this, Meli is one of the most easygoing dogs we’ve ever known. She immediately grew attached to her new human dad when we adopted her; she follows him everywhere! She still exhibits some scavenger tendencies, likely due to her time living on the streets without enough to eat (maybe someday we’ll use that keen sense of smell to train her in search & rescue). Meli is a social butterfly around other dogs, and has two doggie pals that she walks with every day.
Our first fall with Meli has been fun, because we discovered that she adores sleeping with a blanket.

She uses her dad’s Army blanket, which is a double-bonus, since it smells like him. We’ve also found that she loves a good back rub/massage, and she has learned to ask for one by coming and sitting with her back to one of us (very subtle). When she’s not having a spa day, she’s often in Prospect Park practicing her agility skills, going on pittie pack walks, and smelling as many square inches of the park as she can.

Meli’s calm and wise demeanour is what first struck us about her; we consider her to be in “doggie retirement” now. We hope that someday she can be trained as a therapy dog or other helper and ambassador for her breed. She’s an amazing girl! We’ve also documented her journey with us through her Instagram account at

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