Mackie’s Story

In December of 2007, I unexpectedly lost my best friend – my pit bull mix Pebbles. Her loss was one of the most devastating experiences of my life. I swore to myself that I would never have another dog. As the founder and director of Sean Casey Animal Rescue, I spend every day surrounded by dogs.

It felt strange to be around dogs all the time but have no desire to take one home. In January 2008 I was at the Brooklyn Animal Care and Control (ACC) picking dogs to bring back to our shelter. I came across an emaciated Cane Corso. He was laying in the back of the cage; shaking, terrified, and bleeding from his back legs. I looked at his kennel card and saw that he was a cruelty case.

When I entered his kennel to get a closer look at him, he huddled up tight in the corner. When I reached out to touch him, he screamed as if he was being hit and urinated on himself. At that moment I decided, he was coming home with me. For the next two weeks I visited with him every day at ACC while he was on a mandatory cruelty hold. When his release day came, I was so excited to finally get him out of the shelter.

After a few hours at home I was able to evaluate the magnitude of the cruelty. Besides being emaciated, the skin on his back paws and up his legs had been torn open from being dragged. If you even showed him a leash, he would drop to the floor screaming. He was also suffering from a bad case of pneumonia and had to be hospitalized the same day he came home.

After two weeks in the hospital on IVs I was finally able to take him home for real. It took several months of work but Mackie made a complete turnaround. He is now a happy, gentle pup and can’t contain his excitement when he sees a leash to go on a walk. He has become a loyal companion as well as a fierce protector of me and my family.

Mackie went through a lot in the beginning of his life but you would
never know it now. He has gone from a dog that couldn’t be touched to a dog that lets my two year old son ride him like a pony. I was in a
bad place when I met Mackie. Working with him and helping to dig him out of a ditch put me back on track and brought me back to what I love: dogs.

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