Gus’ Story

In June 2014 at 5:30am while working at Billy Bishop Airport in Toronto we discovered a dog trapped under the ferry vehicle ramp. With the help of the Airport Fire and Rescue Team we were able to get him out safely. His rescue was even covered on the news. Because of his location the jaws of life were required. Other than being cold, wet and scared he was relatively unscathed. I covered him in a blanket and we waited for Toronto Animal Services. We came to the conclusion that because of his size the only way he could have gotten there was by swimming in sometime between midnight and 5:00am. He was very lucky to find a ledge to climb on. He could of easily drowned or could of been crushed by the ramp.

He was an un-neutered male Bull Mastiff, approximately 8 months old and quite underweight. I followed up on him over the next few days for both,curiosity on how he got there once his owner showed up and also concern for his well-being. Once it became clear that he didn’t have a home, my wife and I decided to try and give him one.

We knew this would be quite an undertaking, as we already had a nine year old lab named Molly. We weren’t looking for another dog let alone a Bull Mastiff but sometimes change is good. It has been quite an adventure and a life adjustment to say the least. We named him Gus and he was our first rescue. He can be mischievous at times, he is getting better with his separation anxiety, but is still very shy and timid around strangers, especially men. He’s fitting in quite well with our family and even Molly seems to be warming up to him. He is such a teddy bear that craves attention and loves to cuddle.

We always thought that getting a puppy from a breeder like we did with Molly was the way to go, but rescuing Gus is without a doubt one of the most rewarding feelings we have ever experienced. Our next dog will definitely be another rescue.

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