Zepplin and Pizza’s Story

I was living in Sudbury at the time & my father bribed me with a dog to move back home. I had gone to several humane societies & pounds to try and find the “perfect” dog. Our last stop was Northhumberland humane society (I wasn’t looking for a specific breed, but I knew I *didn’t* want a beagle) there were a few dogs there, one of which was a beagle and my sister kept insisting that I come and look at how adorable he was, finally after we were about ready to leave I ended up taking a look at the dog my sister was so adamant about & that was it, we took one look at each other & I was already asking the women working when I could take him home, I went into this thinking *I* would get to choose the dog I would be adopting, but he chose me – with his huge brown eyes & black eyeliner staring at me through the kennel, his huge ears dripping with water from the water bowl & his huge bark that through me a step back – The lady who worked there had told me he was the last of his litter to be adopted, he was at the HS for a year until he found me, his litter was taken from an animal cruelty case when they were only 8 weeks old. His name is Zeppelin, he is 9 years old & he makes everyone smile.

I was working at a daycare/training facility & our boss had told us about this 3 month old puppy that he was going to try and rehabilitate because the Kitchener/waterloo humane society had deemed him “too aggressive” and they were going to euthanize him. The next day I got into work and saw the pup, he was beautiful & I fell in love with him instantly (I had a GWHP growing up so he reminded me of when I was younger), he was always making sure he was right by my side. I hadn’t really shown interest only because I was not looking for a second dog but a week had past and I guess I was the only one who saw any progress in him, but maybe that was because I was spending all my time with him. I came into work early one morning and my boss had asked me to come into the office, when I walked in everyone was sitting there – I couldn’t figure out what was going on, until my boss told me that the pup had bitten every one of my co-workers, including himself – but he had seen how we interacted and wanted to see if I was interested in adopting him, otherwise he was going to be euthanized. I took Pizza home that day and I have never once regretted it – he had some issues that we worked through & he helped me work through my issues because I was in a bad place at that point in my life. His name is Pizza I was told he is a 4 yr old German wire haired pointer/Irish wolfhound mix.

Please if you’re looking for a companion, consider adoption – there are so many animals out there already that desperately need a home, I can’t imagine for one second that Pizza was going to be euthanized, because he is just such an amazing companion and the thought of all these other amazing animals being euthanized only because someone wasn’t there to adopt them, is just the absolute worst.

My dogs are my best friends & the best things to ever happen in my life. I would not trade them for anything & I would fight with everything that I have to make sure they are safe & happy for the rest of their lives.

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