Odin’s Story

Odin is a 3 year old male mastiff/shepherd mix who my partner and I rescued from a high kill shelter in Quebec about two and a half years ago. The rescue that we were working with at the time was called Team Dog Rescue and this was my first time pulling a dog from a high kill shelter. It was a long drive just east of Montreal in a small Quebec town, when we arrived there we checked in and a lady brought out Odin to meet us while we waited for some cats that we would also be transporting back to Toronto.

When I first saw Odin my heart exploded, he epitomizes everything that I wanted in a dog, I always wanted a larger breed with a big head and big eyes. I was instantly in love with him, I knew I wanted a mastiff one day and have always been fond of shepherds, to find a mix was too good to be true, also his name was Odin at the time and I have always been into Norse mythology so that was also big for me. Odin was very sweet when we first met him and was excited to see us, he was completely emaciated which was hard to comprehend at the time because this was one of my first rescues.

Odin only knew commands in French at the time, so we got him in the car with about three crates full of kittens and cats and drove back to the city. Odin was perfect in the car, he didn’t seem to care that the kittens were so close to him and laid in the back without making a sound the whole time or having any accidents (he still is the most perfect dog in the car). We met up with Odin’s foster and we went our separate ways, but I couldn’t stop thinking about him. I knew I wanted to adopt him and made it clear to the rescue every day for a month until he was neutered and the adoption forms went through.

I picked him up from the vet and all the vet techs were in love with him, I almost cried when they handed him over to me. I took Odin home to meet the other dogs and he was very anxious and a little aggressive. Odin has been one of the most extreme cases I have ever dealt with in rescue and for the past two years I have worked with and fostered many rescues.

When we first got home we could not crate train him because his separation anxiety is so severe and he is so strong and crafty that he has broken out of every crate we have put him in or jumped every gate we put up. One of his canines had to be removed because he damaged it so badly on chewing the metal in the crates.

Odin also has had food and toy aggression and has snapped at the other dogs. I have been working on all of this and Odin is a big suck, but has an aggressive side. I don’t know much of his history before we rescued him from that shelter but I feel like he was neglected and beaten because he is so damaged.

I will never give up on Odin because he is a good dog and can be very sweet, everyone loves his big sad face and I know he can be a better dog and has been progressing a lot. He loves people and being with his brothers Pizza and Zeppelin, he has been there for me through good times and hard times and always cheers me up, I love my goofy boy.

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