Malakai’s Story

Malakai is a unicorn, as he lives in Toronto which along with the rest of the province bans Pit bull and Pit Bull type dogs. He has to wear a muzzle and abide by some very scary laws, but does it with all the charm in the world. Live long and prosper Malakai!

“I first met Malakai when he was brought into the clinic I work at by Oshawa Animal Services with sores on his front feet from digging at the kennel. The second I saw him I asked the girl if he had a home, I had to have him!

It was right around the time the pit bull ban was coming into place and she sadly said they might have no other choice but to euthanize. He had been there two weeks already and no one was going to adopt a pit bull with the impending ban.

The reason he ended up in the shelter was he was found tied to a tree by police. Strangely I cannot thank the person enough who did that as I ended up with the best dog I could ever ask for. He has been my constant companion, my shadow, my best friend…my whole world for just over 8years.

He has seen me through good times and countless hard times and I don’t know what I would have done without him by my side…and I mean BY MY SIDE, the guy doesn’t know the meaning of personal space! There isn’t a day that goes by that he doesn’t bring a smile to my face or even make me laugh out loud.

I hope one day soon this ban is a thing of the past because I cannot imagine not owning another rescued pit bull because of him.

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