Morris’ Story

Morris had been found and picked up by a shelter at 8 months of age wandering in the middle of a bad snowstorm in February 2012 malnourished, with his ears and the pads of his feet frostbitten. It was later discovered that he must have been hit by a car because his right hind leg had been dislocated, and for so long that it had actually healed in place and although he walks with a limp Morris thankfully has no arthritis and is in no pain as a result of this trauma but I can’t imagine how much pain he must have lived through.

One day early in February 2012, Emily from Ador-A-Bull had gone into a shelter to drop off dog food and although she rescues pit bulls, she noticed Morris at the shelter and couldn’t get him off of her mind. She said he looked so sad and decided to go back the next day and pick him up. Knowing she couldn’t keep him herself and wanting to find him a good home, Emily put a posting up on Facebook about him. In turn my nephew, a Bullies In Need volunteer shared the posting and as soon as I saw Morris’ picture I was struck by how sad and defeated he looked, and being a sucker for beagles, I immediately contacted my nephew to find out more about this sweet little boy.

We also had, and still have, a female beagle and a Chesapeake Bay Retriever and I can assure you we weren’t looking to get a third dog but I knew we had the perfect home for him. Well, one thing led to another and Morris entered our lives on February 20, 2012 and our home has been forever changed.
I remember two heartbreaking things about Morris when we brought him home.

Firstly, we bought him a collar and I asked my son to put it on him but when Morris saw my son come towards him, he immediately jumped up onto our couch and cowered in the corner and practically ‘zoned out’. So my son patted him and gently put the collar on and Morris only started to come out of it when my son offered him a treat. It broke our hearts. We came to the conclusion that he may have been abused by a man because he was so terrified of my son and any other men who came near him. Over time my son has won him over and Morris happily greets him whenever he sees him but he is still a work in progress especially with men he is unfamiliar with.

We also noticed that he was so sad and never wagged his tail – it was always hanging down – the total opposite of our female beagle who is eternally happy and always wagging her tail. It took a very long time but now his tail is almost always up and wagging…progress!
Our female beagle named Lexi became Morris’ security blanket. Amongst other things, he suffered from separation anxiety and she really is the star who brought Morris out of his shell and also taught him how to be a beagle such as crawling and snuggling underneath the blankets on my bed each night and hogging the better part of a king sized bed. The two have developed such a strong bond and are inseparable to this day.

Morris is such a sweet, gentle soul who deserved a better life and we were so glad to be able to give it to him! As crazy as it can get around the house with three dogs we have never regretted the decision to bring Morris into our home and our lives.

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