Buddy and Rex’s Story

Jaret and I adopted our first dog Buddy from the Brampton Animal Services shelter last year. We had been toying around with the idea of adopting a dog, (as it is truly the only way to go!) for a while but had a vastly different idea of what kind of dog we were looking for. We had been looking for an english bulldog, but could not find any available in rescue, and did not want to go the breeder route.

One evening, we had decided to go bowling, across the street from BAS. We had some time to kill before the game began, so we decided to stop in! They only had 4 dogs available at the time, and it was almost closing but they let us sneak in and take a look. We had seen a photo of a black pomeranian, which was one of my favourite breeds on the wall and his photo was hilarious. He had just been neutered, so when they took the photo his eyes were all over the place due to the medication. We thought he was just so cute and decided to meet him.

Once we went in, it was love at first sight. The amazing staff could instantly tell there was an obvious spark between us and his pomeranian, so they actually stayed half an hour longer than they would normally have so that we could try and establish some sort of connection with him. Buddy was still on a bit of medication from his surgery so he was quite shy and timid. After some coaxing with treats, he very happily walked over to us and plopped down in my lap. At this point, we decided we couldn’t leave without him – although we weren’t able to. We put through an application right away, as he had only been there for four days and would surely be adopted soon!

We received a call the very next day to let us know we had been approved! We instantly went out to pick out all of our gear, and brought him home. It was at that point that our lives would change drastically! For months we basked in Buddy’s love. There seemed to be no transition for our amazing little guy. He was a happy, friendly dog right from the get go! He was already completely house trained, which is a fantastic thing about rescues. He bonded to us in no time at all and went everywhere with us. He was introduced to his feline siblings and felt like he had been with us forever. All of our friends were asking us to hang out, so they could meet him! It was awesome how this previously neglected little guy felt at home with us, it was actually quite an honour.

Shortly thereafter, I started volunteering with Save Me Rescue. I had initially told them that I could only help with administrative work (social media coordinating) because we had cats and dogs, and I didn’t think I could foster any more dogs. How wrong I was! It didn’t take long at all before we started fostering. It started with an emergency placement, and I had said you know, it’s okay. I will be helping this dog out just until he finds a home of his own. Not a year went by, and we had fostered 14 dogs. Buddy was a trooper throughout it all, showing the new dogs the ropes around the house, and loving all the playtime he was getting!

When we saw that there was a need for a foster home for this red Pomeranian, we jumped at the chance. We had had such a wonderful experience with Buddy that we were really drawn to the breed. Rex was found as a stray in his home state of Ohio and brought to the Humane Society of Richland County. It did not take long after the shelter posted his photo on Facebook for us to fall in love. Having a Pomeranian of our own, we knew right away that we would be able to handle this poor, scared, lonely little guy. He was so handsome; we understand why he had not been adopted!

After speaking with the shelter, we were told that Rex had been very scared of being in a kennel after spending so much time outdoors. He was afraid of the sounds, and did not want to be handled so he spent much of his time cornered into the back of his cage. I decided that it was time to get this guy out of there and find him a new home!

We arranged for a temporary foster home to take care of Rex while he was being treated for kennel cough and recovering from his neuter surgery. He stayed with a wonderful friend and rescue allie in Ohio who without her help, many of our foster dogs would not have stood a chance. Rex was living the life with his temp foster being fed all natural, home-cooked foods and spending time in the backyard playing with other wildlife.

Once it was time for him to come to Canada, he boarded transport and off he went. It took Rex no longer than five minutes for him to warm up to us, all thanks to the foster parent’s wonderful socializing skills. Where was this shy, scared little dog we had heard so much about from the shelter? Rex was healthy, happy and ready to be adopted.

A few days went by, then a week, and it felt like Rex was settling in our home. He had a great disposition, was friendly with his cat siblings and made a best friend in Buddy. He was very affectionate, loved the outdoors and had endless energy. Things were too good to be true for our little shelter stray. When it came time to post Rex’s photo to Save Me Rescue’s website, something felt off. Could we split up two new found best friends after all he had been through? Could we live without Rex in our lives? The answer to both of those questions was yes, probably. But did we want to? Nope.

After no less than a week, we adopted Rex into our home and continue to foster. He has been a fantastic foster brother to many new dogs since being adopted and we think he’s been telling them not to worry that he’s been there too and it all works itself out in the end and continues to be a wonderful companion to his big brother Buddy to whom it appears Rex really looks up to! They spend their days together cuddling on the couch watching the cats, playing tug of war over chew toys and snuggling up together when it’s time to nap.

There are few greater joys than rescuing your best friends, and fostering has completely changed our lives. We have never been happier, so full of life or joy, we have never laughed this hard or felt more love. I think this is why people question “Who really rescued who?”

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