Threepio and Chewie’s Story

I grew up a cat person – we always had cats in my family but I always loved dogs, too. I moved out of my parents’ house when I was 21 and I always wanted a dog, but I also traveled a lot. I wanted to make sure I was in a place where I was going to be consistent and would be able to afford the dog and give him the right attention. I didn’t start thinking about getting a dog until 2014 – it was actually my new year’s resolution. I knew I wanted to get a Corgi based on everything I saw about them online. I really liked their personalities. I found a website (a Canadian company) that’s basically a search engine for rescue dogs. I didn’t want to get a dog from any breeders; I knew I wanted a rescue. I spent several weeks looking for a dog. I ended up finding one who was half Chihuahua and half Corgi. Take Me Home rescue in Mississauga invited us to one of the foster mom’s homes. There were a lot of dogs, including new dogs that just arrived that day, and they were all hyper. But Threepio just came and sat beside us, and connected with us. He had a great, calm temperament. We hung out for a few hours, and then we brought him home in the summer of 2014.

Around Christmas 2014, we spent a week at my parents, who have a dog named Sawyer. Threepio really bonded with Sawyer – he was just happy all the time and they were really good buddies. After Christmas, when we went home, I could tell Threepio was really lonely, so we started searching for a second dog. I knew this time I wanted a dog that looked like a Wookiee from Star Wars. We searched on for a long time. I wanted a young dog, friendly dog, and knew he needed to be good with other dogs. We ended up looking at over a thousand dogs online, and then we ended up finding a perfect dog at a rescue in Western New York (Open Arms Rescue Of WNY). We brought Threepio with us, and they loved each other right away. I knew they were going to be good together and we adopted “Chewie”. They are great together. We’re following the Karen Pryor training school, doing clicker training, and they’re responding really well to that.

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