Gunther’s Story

Gunther was taken in as a starving stray puppy at the Kingston Humane Society where he caught the eye of my stepmother and it became only a matter of time before he came home with me. Though not always perfect, he’s perfect for me. He’s my daily exercise, my pre-rinse dishwasher, an extra blanket when the polar vortex strikes, and a protective companion all in one.

Gunther has a routine for jumping in the lake at the cottage. He loves the water and will swim and fetch balls all day if he could, but before he goes in off the dock my OCD pup has to turn in a circle three times to psych himself up for the jump.

Gunther has personality in spades. Everything from the way he’ll come get me when a toy is trapped in a precarious position, or even the way he talks back at me from his mat when he’s gotten in trouble reminds me that my dog is actually hilarious.

It was his Cheshire smile that melted the cat-loving hearts of my friends. Rub his chest while he’s lying back and you’ll get a satisfying, toothy grin.

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