Ziggy’s Story

We had heard that the Humane Society in my hometown of Sarnia, was at capacity and overflowing with dogs. As luck would have it we were visiting my parents the following week. We had briefly talked about getting a dog but hadn’t fully committed to it yet as my wife hadn’t had a dog before and is slightly allergic. We decided to pop in and see what dogs were there and fell in love with Ziggy (who was then named Ebony).

The fact he was a hypoallergenic dog sealed the deal and has turned my cats only wife, into a very big dog person. Ziggy had grown up with an elderly women who eventually became unable to look after him. A neighbouring family took him in but due to 4 children under 11 and 3 cats, they were unable to give him the attention he seeks, which, quite frankly is a lot. Being in three different places in such a short amount of time did have an affect on Ziggy as he developed quite the case of separation anxiety, but, luckily I had a lot of experience helping dogs through this issue from my days as a foster dog parent in Seoul. While it still creeps back from time to time he has settled into our home very well.

Ziggy has become a constant companion and source of unconditional love.

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