Pierre’s Story

I adopted Pierre from a rescue group about an hour and a half north east of Toronto. He was found tied up in a field, in the middle of winter, likely ditched and being used as coyote bait. He is 10 lbs., blind, senior, miniature poodle and he would not have stood a chance if some passerby had not found him.

I met him and instantly fell in love and the next week after they had neutered him and taken him for his shots etc., he came home with me. The rescue thought he had likely been a puppy mill stud and once he had been ‘used up; or his disability became too much, he was left for dead.

At first, he couldn’t walk on a leash, was terrified of everyone, especially men, and was very shy and timid. He adopted me back before the week’s end (by coming up to the side of my bed and asking to get up – he had several beds all over the apt). I started taking him on long walks and socialized him with my senior family dog as well, and before long he was walking off leash, had learned several new words (like watch out! Careful! Up and down for curbs etc.) Soon after, we started to run a little bit, off leash no less. I would run a bit ahead calling his name and slapping my leg with his leash so he could hear and smell me. Although blind, 5 years ago, we played a bit with toys, but since he never had that in his previous life, he was never entirely sure what to do with them – he prefers digging and burrowing, so I always make sure of have pillows, carpets and blankets around for him to play with.

This dog not only taught me how to love fully and unconditionally, but also patience and acceptance of so many things. He’s made me a mother, a loyal companion, a caretaker. He grounded me and made me a better, calmer more loving person. I am better because of him. When he was sick last year and needed life saving surgery, I didn’t hesitate to pay $3K. I was nervous about putting him under, but if it meant he would live through the summer, I was moving forward. It’s been a year since that surgery and he has completely recovered and is still living a happy, healthy vibrant life. His little personality is so distinct and developed and I’m so glad I was able to give him the love and home that he deserves. They said he wouldn’t live past 2 years when I adopted him – we’ve been going strong for over 5! He has been the biggest blessing in my life to date. I don’t see it as I rescued him, but more so as he rescued me.

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