Riley’s Story

Riley is my first dog and has totally changed my life. We got him as an 8 week old puppy from Paws United Dog Rescue in London, ON. His mom and siblings were rescued for a native reserve in Northern Quebec. Stray dogs run rampant up north, and with lack of money and veterinary care, most dogs run loose and are unfixed. Therefore the stray dog population is huge, and the way they control the population is by shooting them. I think it’s fantastic that so many dog rescues take in these dogs, many of them never being inside a home their whole lives.

My boyfriend and I decided we wanted to get a dog together, so applied and went to visit Riley and his mom and siblings. It was hard to choose which puppy we wanted, all of them were so cute and just crawling all over us. But we saw Riley and I knew we wanted him. It was kind of funny since he was sort of stand-offish, very calm with us, but super feisty with his siblings. I wonder why we chose him as he certainly did not want to interact with us as much as his siblings did. But we decided and took him home about two weeks later.

When we first got him he was SO quiet, we thought we had a broken puppy (or rather we lucked out because we have the calmest dog in the world.) He was super easy to train, was able to sleep through the most of the night on the second day we got him. And was just all around awesome. Even when we took him to the vet (which is also my work) he was so chill, it was abnormal. He actually fell asleep on the exam room table! But of course, something clicked in him and he started to become wild and crazy. Now he is the Riley that we all love and adore.

Riley is pretty special. He is so loving and literally adores every aspect of life. Everything is so new and exciting to him, it really opens my eyes and makes me appreciate the little things in life. He could be so fascinated by something as simple as some water bubbling under ice, and he really sees the beauty in the mundane. He’s also very energetic, so really forces us to get out and explore the world with him. We love going on hikes, enjoying nature, and watching him run free – it’s probably the most rewarding thing about having a dog – the adventures you go on and the things you learn.

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