Kiki and Roxy’s Story

Meet Lisa, Oscar, Roxy and Kiki!

“When we moved from Sudbury back to Toronto, we left with only one of our two dogs. Our old 17 year old Blue Heeler named Roxy [not to be confused with the present shepherd collie mix Roxy] had to be put down, and we came with only our shepherd collie, Lucy. My husband had bonded very closely with Roxy the cattle dog. When we moved here, he began looking around on all of the rescue and adoption sites, and one day came across one on Kijiji that reminded him a lot of our old girl. We went to meet her with our son who was only 1.5 and our other dog Lucy, and were amazed to see that despite looking very much like our old dog, she was about half the size! Kiki was a funny, quirky little spirit and we fell hard for her. She had a ruby red eye when we met with her “family” that was putting her up for adoption. There was a lot of sketchy details about her past, and her eye issue was not addressed. We decided to adopt her, and thought she was 3 like the people had said, and the vet said based on her teeth she was older, and her eye was definitely damaged from trauma. We have had her for about 4 years now. She took to our home immediately and was just so gentle and snuggly with all of us. We found out last year that she has Lyme disease from a tick we didn’t find in time, and it’s been a bit of a challenge for her. She had a bout of illness, and now we’re just trying to stay on top of it, but it’s worrisome.”

“I was surprised that an 11 year old dog could have so much spunk and energy and playfulness. She’s just so in love with life. I know what it is to lose a dog now, and I can’t bear to think about losing her. I’ve become really attached to her. We all have. I’m surprised by how quickly that happens with a rescue, and also with a senior who many people might expect would take longer to bond to a family.

She is a very good communicator — she tells us when it’s dinner time, when there is someone on the sidewalk in front of the house (bark), when they are coming towards the house (bark bark) and when they’ve stepped onto our porch (BARK!). I’ve also never seen a dog get so excited for a walk; it’s like fresh air is cocaine for her. Excitement is an understatement (BARK!!!)

Once she really got used to us and knew that she was home, she’s really stepped into a protector role. It must be the shepherd in her, but you can just tell she’s working when we’re around. She wants to be near the door, sleeps on the couch in our front room, keeping an eye on things. I feel like it’s her way of loving us back. She’s also a really quick learner. When we got her and brought her to the beach for the first time, she didn’t know what to do with the water. Then she saw Kiki swimming and started to swim. Now she’s a master and spent her summer in the water, often chasing geese far off in the distance, leaving me screaming on the shoreline. But then she just turns around and works her way back. She also learned to chase a ball from Kiki– she was never interested before. She almost brings the ball back too!

Roxy loves to play wrestle. When I sit on the floor with her, she knows it’s game time. I just rub her head a few times quickly and she opens her paws up wide and snaps the air, tail wagging away. She’s just really funny and sweet and playful. She also knows how to relax and take some good rubs, which is really relaxing for me as well. It also cheers me up to see her curled happily on the couch when I come down the stairs each morning. She’s so calm and happy, it starts my day off right.

She’s our forth dog, and I just love getting to know her better, getting to know her idiosyncrasies. She wants routine, barks when it’s dinner time, barks when it’s walk time. She’s came with a lot of really great skills too- we found out that she can shake a paw, and can heel like a master without a leash, walking carefully beside us. But she also cowered when I lifted my arm once so we know it wasn’t all a great past story for her. She’s just perfectly herself.”

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