Wilson’s Story


Meet Dave and Wilson! This pair from Montreal were passing through Toronto and shared Wilson’s adoption story.

“Wilson is a 6 year old Lhasa/terrier mix. He was first adopted from Animatch Dog Adoption, an excellent dog adoption service outside Montreal, when he was about 6 months. Unfortunately the family that adopted him split up earlier this year and Wilson did not adapt well to his owner’s new family situation.

I have adopted 2 dogs in the past from Animatch and had an application in for another when Wilson’s picture came up on their availability list. Well the two of us hit it off from the moment we met. I could tell he just wanted love, stability and security and he could sense I needed a little spice and companionship back in my life.

Wilson quickly made it clear that while he has the independent Lhasa attitude he was also smart enough to adapt, for the most part, to my schedule. We still have a bit of separation anxiety to deal with when I leave the house without him but I’m sure he’ll get used to that before golf season.

Fortunately Wilson is a Habs fan. Game nights find him curled up on my lap and cheering on the team in his own unique way. Well, snoring is a form of dog cheering I suppose.

The only thing left is to ask, why would someone name a dog Wilson? Whatever, it definitely fits him.”

“Lhasas are a bottomless pit of funny shit but the one that gets me is Wilson’s habit of demanding I play tug of war and fetch with him as soon as he finishes breakfast and dinner. No exceptions, no delays, no ignoring him and he barks incessantly until I grab his toy of the moment and toss it around the house for for 10 minutes of play time.

My favourite thing about Wilson is the way he and I became fast friends in a matter of days.

Wilson is unique in one special way: biggest poops for a little dog I have ever seen.

Wilson surprised me with how quickly he adapted to me, the house, the neighbors, and his entirely new life situation.

I wouldn’t get anything but a rescue dog. They deserve the best!”

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