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Coffee’s Story

Meet Coffee and Cheyne!

“Before I met Coffee I’d been looking for the perfect dog for a long time. I thought I had found the dog for me with another rescue, but it ended up not working out. I kept up my search and contacted Canine Haven Rescue about a dog who needed a foster, but she had already been set up to go to a foster-to-adopt family once she arrived in Toronto from Mexico. Although she was not available, the rescue asked if I would be willing to foster one of the other dogs travelling with her. I had seen Coffee’s photo posted on their Instagram and Facebook page multiple times and agreed to take him for their foster-to-adopt program not feeling as confident that he would be the one for me, but eager to at least give a dog a nice home until the right family came along.

Coffee came from a rescue in Mexico called Backstreet dogs Mexico where he had spent around a year after getting hit by a car. From the photos I’ve seen it looks like he was in pretty rough shape when he came to them, but I’ve been told that even though he was obviously in pain he was still friendly and super loving to everyone there. I can’t believe how much he’s gone through, and he is just so eager to please and full of love. He has a slight limp from the fracture in his leg, but it doesn’t stop him from zooming around faster than all of the other dogs at the park.

The day Coffee came home it was clear within the first hour of meeting him that he would be staying forever. My roommates dog Finn loved Coffee immediately, and despite some attempts to chase the cat (that we’re still working on) he’s absolutely perfect. Sometimes it freaks me out how lucky I got with my foster dog, he came to me so ready to love and happy and well adjusted (and house trained!!) that it seemed like a dream. He absolutely loves coming to work with me, and has fit so well into my life. I take him with me everywhere, and even though it’s only been 6 weeks, I can’t imagine my life without him. I love him more than I ever thought I could love something and he makes every day better!”

“Whenever he gets off any raised surface (couch, bed, etc.) he leaves his back legs straight out and does a big stretch, it makes everyone laugh and looks so silly!

According to his DNA test he is part Alaskan Malamute which explains why he tries very hard to howl when he meets dogs on the street. He’s also apparently mostly Doberman, but also has Dalmatian and Great Pyrenees in him which is confusing because he’s not very big.

He’s honestly too polite to learn how to shake a paw. My friends and I have tried so hard and he just doesn’t get it.

His #1 safety concern is squirrels! He watches them from the window of my apartment all the time! Since the weather has gotten warmer he’s also become very interested in the skunks on my street – I’m terrified.

He’s the perfect party pup – he can fall asleep anywhere and loves all the attention he gets, plus he’s so goofy he keeps everyone entertained!”


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