Mass Euthanasia Of Dogs In Preparation For Hurricane Harvey Dogs

Hurricane Harvey is expected to make landfall and hard hit shelters have been ordered mass euthanasia of all homeless animals.

Rescue groups in affected are bracing themselves for the worst. While keeping themselves and their families safe, they are also expected an influx of displaced and critical animals.

Redemption Dogs is asking for the public to rally together to help the affected animals and the mass casualties of animals expected (on top of those that are being put to sleep as we type this).

We will be keeping this blog post live for the duration and aftermath of the hurricane. We will do our best to connect rescue and resources at this time.

**If you are a rescue group who is in need of assistance OR if you are a rescue that can take in extra dogs into your rescue, please email**

Here are the rescues that could use donations and help placing dogs in need out of state. 

Hot Mess Pooches (Houston, Texas: Donations can be made to their Paypal Account)

Boarding For Rescues . (El Campo, Texas: they evacuated 34 dogs and are accepting donations)

Forgotten Dogs of the Fifth Ward (Porter, Texas)

ARF-Texas (Seguin, Texas)

Tall Tails (Texas – accepting donations to their Paypal here)

Lucky Penny Rocks Rescue (Sugar Land, Texas)

Sonnet 116 Rescue

Update: 8-25-2017 12:30pm EST – Hot Mess Pooches puts out notice regarding mass euthanasia of Houston area dogs

Update: 8-25-2017 1:00pm EST – Boarding For Rescues has evacuated El Campo, TX with 34 dogs)
Update: 8-25-2017 1:20pm EST – Humane Society of The United States is currently on standby

Update: 8-25-2017 2:58pm EST – Lucky Penny Rocks Rescue has emptied Wharton Pound to avoid unnecessary euthanasia of dogs
Update: 8-25-2017 9:23pm EST – SAFE Refuge of Central Texas put out the following update:

8-26-2017 – Hot Mess Pooches is without power and is trapped due to flooding and fallen trees. Please consider donating to them and the other rescues listed above.


    1. Katherine Wellman Reply

      Hey Alisa! Thanks so much for the offer and support. Please feel free to email us at nicole(at) and I’ll send you over some info on how you can help! Greatly appreciated!

  1. Maria Modica Reply

    My name is Maria and I am in southern Oregon. I run a rescue here. If there is anything or any way we can help please let us know. 541-362-1663 may God watch over you all, and the poor innocent dogs and cats left behind.

  2. Shayla frankum Reply

    Im not a rescue organization however I’m in magnolia, tx. We live in a few acres. Our property did not hold water at all. I can help with fostering dogs in need. I’m familiar with helping stray, lost and abandoned animals.

    1. Katherine Wellman Reply

      Hey Shayla! Feel free to email me at nicole(at) and we can chat about how we might be able to work together to help some of our canine friends!

  3. Francesca in Paris Reply

    Many thanks for this list of shelters. I just donated $50 to each one listed.
    Thanks also for your updates. Hopefully we can avoid the 250K pets who died or lost in Katrina.

    1. Katherine Wellman Reply

      Thank you so much Francesca! That is incredibly generous and I’m sure all of those rescues greatly appreciate it!

  4. Rosane Baril Reply

    We are a couple, whom would love to help and adopt a recue dog. I have heard today, a truck load of dogs being brought into Toronto Ontario Canada.
    Is there a Canadian website, I can visit in order to rescue and adopt a dog, from Hurricane Harry.
    Thank You for your time and reply~ <3

    1. Katherine Wellman Reply

      Hey Rosane! We will have more info about dogs available for rescue in the coming weekend. Follow us on Facebook or here. We will post when they are available for adoption!

  5. Joel Aylon Reply

    Hi. I’m interested in adopting a dog. Just wanted to know if there are any hypoallergenic. We had a standard poodle but he passed away.

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