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redhead with blue heeler and terrier

7 Teachable Moments From My Dogs & How They Almost Accidentally Killed Themselves

So much of being in rescue is a lot of judgment and I know it scares people away from…

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Episode 7 – Redemption Paws

I sat down with Tim Alamenciak and Curtis Cluett who are a part of Redemption Paws. They discussed… Play in new window | Download

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Buster’s Story

Meet Buster, Bonnie and Jeff! For the first time, Buster went ahead and did the interview himself 

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Meet Pete and Susie

Meet Susie and Pete! “Pete is a four year old, medium size, mixed breed dog. He’s probably American Bulldog, Olde…

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Coffee’s Story

Meet Coffee and Cheyne! “Before I met Coffee I’d been looking for the perfect dog for a long…

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