Leeloo’s Story

Leeloo had 2 previous families before I found her on kijiji at the age of 4 months. Her first owner adopted her from a breeder as company for another dog. They found the dogs barked too much when they played together, and so they placed an ad looking for another home for the pup. At just under 4 months- she went to live with a first time owner whom found he did not have enough time to train the little boston girl. She spent up to 12 hours a day in a crate and was terrified of being crated. He would come home from work and find her in a mess of urine and feces. After a week, she was back on kijiji looking for another new home. I just happened to see the ad and brought my mom and sister with me to meet her. She had a tiny little head and body and super long legs. She practically exploded from excitement when she met us, in seconds we were covered with kisses and Leeloo love. I knew I couldn’t leave her there. It took me 2 weeks to train her fully. Leeloo is now downtown Toronto kind of girl. She has even been immortalized on a large graffiti mural across from my apartment on Queen West. In her spare time, Leeloo is a beach dog. She enjoys many cottage weekends, beach vacations and is an avid kiteboard companion. She has travelled to all the great lakes multiple times, spent 3 weeks on the beaches of North Carolina and is currently prepping for a trips to California and Australia. Leeloo, the Supreme Being, is living the dream.

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