Arthur’s Story

“Nearing the end of my wife’s career at the local animal shelter, a little Jack Russell Terrier was brought in as a stray. When no one came to claim him my wife explained that he’d be difficult to adopt because during his stay, Arthur made sure to act “typical” of a Jack by jumping over three feet in the air every second or two whenever anyone came into the room making it hard for potential adopters to see past his energy level. We already had Charlie Annie, our beautiful dalmatian and didn’t need another dog. I didn’t want another dog. My wife knew I would fall in love with him so convinced me that we were just going to foster him until the right home came along. I definitely didn’t want a hyper Jack Russel Terrier and yet… It has been six years since my wife’s ploy to make me fall for the little buggy eyed bouncer and I guess she was right, I can’t imagine our life without him.” — Avi Berkovitz

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