Hadley and Darby’s Story

“Hadley came into our lives in Feb 2011 a few months after we quite suddenly lost our previous dog to illness. She was a stray from Kentucky and thankfully for us, she was pulled from the urgent list by LOYAL and brought to Ontario where we we fortunate enough to adopt her. She brought life and happiness back into our home with her sweet but crazy character. We spent the first few months getting to know each other, having fun in obedience class and just generally becoming a family again. She very quickly adapted to city life but also enjoys time at the family farm every chance we get.

Darby followed about 20 months later. We had been wanting to adopt a sister for Hadley and when we saw Darby’s profile, we just simply couldn’t resist. Coincidentally Darby also came to us from a shelter in Kentucky. She is the sweetest little cuddlebug and melted our hearts from the get go. The girls got along quite well from the start, but in the last year we’ve really seen them start to bond even more. They clown around together, and have become sisters and best friends They have both brought such spirit and life into our home…it’s full of dog toys, beds and bowls, as any happy home should be! We just can’t imagine what their fate may have been if LOYAL hadn’t come to their rescue.”

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