Gus and Bea’s Story

“Gus is a six-year-old Boxer mix. I adopted him about five and a half years ago from the Ontario SPCA. He had been rescued from an Amish puppy mill out near London, Ontario. A woman with a big farm fostered about a dozen of these rescued dogs, most of them were small puppies, and many of them were very ill. Gus had several health concerns when I adopted him. He had a terrible eye infection that resulted in his right eye scarred and partially blind, a fungal infection all over his scalp, and he had parasites. But with a little help from the vet and a lot of love, he is %100 healthy and happy now! You’d never know he was once living in a cage, starving and sick.

Not a day goes by that I don’t thank the people of the SPCA International for doing what they do.

Bea is a three or four year old Chihuahua mix. I’m told it can be difficult to tell with small breeds. An amazing woman named Julie at Noble Dog Rescue located here in the GTA, rescued her from the LA area. Noble Dog Rescue is a private dog rescue specializing in bringing small breeds from California. In LA, many shelters are overcrowded and are “high kill” meaning there is little time between the animal being surrendered to them being euthanized. Beatrice had only a couple more hours before she was going to be euthanized. Julie rescued her and brought her to Canada, and I adopted her. I don’t know much about her history other than she was bonded with her brother at the shelter. When two dogs are bonded they are supposed to be adopted out together. This was not the case with Bea. She was left alone, scared and wondering what happened. It took her several months to come out of her shell once I brought her into my home. But luckily Gus helped her to become less shy. She is such an absolute bundle of joy, always wanting to play and give cuddles.

I love my dogs with all my heart. They are my best friends and the best decisions of my life. If anyone is ever considering bringing a companion into their home, I highly recommend adopting. So many wonderful and loving animals out there need a family. Research different shelters to see what is available and I promise, you will find the perfect companion. It’s amazing what a little patience and love will do.”  –  Karen 

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