Trinity’s Story

“I had been looking to rescue a dog for awhile. I’d had 2 purebreds in the past. A Boston Terrier and a Mini Australian Shepherd. Both dogs were amazing and I loved them dearly. This time I wanted to go the rescue route in light of all the wonderful experiences peeps I know had had.

I had struggled with alcoholism and a party lifestyle for many many years and got sober in Sept 2011. As I worked at rebuilding the broken life I had, the CAREFUL decision that I was ready to take on the wonderfulness of a pooch was made and I registered with Ugly Mutts.

Over the course of a few months I received weekly update emails from U.M. There where a few that I applied to adopt and they went to other families. The “right one” and the time just wasn’t right. Then, on July 2 2013, the update email came in. I opened it and THERE was Trinity (her rescue name) I KNEW she wanted to come into my world. I sent an email immediately. I held my breath. I recd a reply that there was an Adopt-A-thon in Hamilton and I could come see her but they could not guarantee she wouldn’t be adopted if I could not make it. This was disheartening as I had a commitment to a Youth At Risk group I do work with. I called and spoke w a member of Ugly Mutts. She confirmed that they could not “hold her” for me. It was a nervous time.

Later that day, while at Trinity Bellwoods with the Youth Group. I recd an email….. It said that SHE WAS MINE if still interested…… I think my reaction was something along the lines of “Holy Mother of _____!!!!!…….. She’s THE ONE!!!!…. WOOT WOOT”. (I paraphrase I’m sure.. lol)

Anyway, Lil’ Fleazy ( her hip hop bad grrrrrl persona) came to me by way of Ohio. The only paperwork that accompanied her was a vaccination certificate that claimed she was an Australian Shepherd…… Hrrrmmmmph! she is clearly a Catahooligan placed in a Beagle body. She had been with a foster home for a few weeks since she had been brought from the states. She had a certain amount of obedience training but was EXTREMELY TIMID and took a while to warm up (read: even be within 2 ft of her). She was VERY WARY of men specifically and was PETRIFIED if I picked up the mop or broom to clean. Clearly there had been something in her past that NO ANIMAL is deserving of.

Now, she is WAY BETTER with people, a character and for the most part, a “Lady of Lunches and Leisure”. She is the love of my life, my partner in crime, the source of great humour and I simply adore her…..”  –  CJ

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