Zuko and Missy’s Story

“Born in West Virginia at a breeding compound for greyhounds, Missy was originally called “RLM’s Monterey” and bought to race in Birmingham, Alabama. She raced over 150 times before retiring at the age of four and half. She was lucky, and a rescue group brought her to Greyhound Relocation and Adoption near Toronto, where she was earned her kennel name of “Happy”, due to her love of people. She was adopted an renamed Missy in March 2013.

Zuko was born in Florida, and sold to race in Birmingham, Alabama as “Handy Dandy”. Racing over 100 times, Zuko amassed a series of scars on his body and eyes, mostly due to the gravel and fencing of greyhound racetracks. After retiring at the age of 3, Zuko was brought to Greyhound Relocation and Adoption where he was adopted after only a few days and renamed Zuko in June, 2013.

Today, with their racing injuries mostly healed up, Zuko and Missy enjoy belly rubs, long walks, and lots of snoozes. And, they only run when they want to. ”  –  Lucy 

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