Chloe, Seger, and Charlotte’s Story

“Chloe was born September 11, 2002. For the first 2+ years of her life, she was used for breeding and then she was sold to an elderly couple. After a few months they realized that they couldn’t give her the exercise she required and she was surrendered to Lab Rescue. I had just lost a dog, when I got a call from a friend who was doing the assessment for Lab Rescue. She told me how sweet this girl was and without thinking, I said, maybe she could come here. As I had a history with Lab Rescue, they said if I wanted her, I could have her. I went to meet her the next night. Jan 21, 2006 and she plastered herself to my side as soon as she saw me. I think she had been waiting for me. She came into a house with two other dogs and no confidence at all. She didn’t know how to swim or play, but after a bit of time and some trips to the beach, she started to feel safe and loved, and she found her inner puppy. For the next few years, she was the first one in the lake. She is now almost 12 and starting to slow down, but she still enjoys life and her friends and looks forward to her walks even though she is no longer at the head of the pack. I hope we have some good times left.

Seger was discovered by Nicole of Redemption Dogs, languishing in a kennel north of Toronto. She sent out a call for a foster home, because this guy was not doing well in the kennel and for some reason, I put up my hand. He had apparently been picked up twice as a stray. The first time his owners came for him, but the second time they denied that he was theirs. When I met him, I took one of my dogs with me because she sometimes had issues with dogs. It didn’t go well, so I had to leave him. He couldn’t believe it and it took two of us to get him back in the kennel. I didn’t sleep well for two nights and went back to get him on Aug 13, 2008. I let him out in the back yard where he met the other dogs without incident and immediately jumped in the pool, which is why he was named Seger which means sea warrior. He was a big boy at about 113 lb but over the years, he has trimmed down somewhat and maintains at under 100lb. I thought he was about three when he came to me and I made his birthday August 13. The following year, I made him three again because of his energy level. He was my first foster failure. I already had 3 labs, so I couldn’t make him legal until September 2011. He has a huge personality and loves to entertain. He has ADD and does not do well in formal classes because he spends too much time being the class clown, but everybody loves him because he’s such a character.

Charlotte (known as Miss Lottie) was also an owner surrender to Lab Rescue. I was asked to do an assessment on her with a friend, because we didn’t know what to expect. She was almost 6 years old, born February 14, 2007. We were told that she had a bad heart and was on meds, had terrible allergies and so lame, she couldn’t squat. I expected to see a weak, lethargic, pathetic dog, but when I met her, I saw a happy, active little dog who greeted me at the door with her toy. I took her for a walk and she pulled on leash and squatted just fine. She had been given no exercise for at least a year and was a little overweight. We decided to pull her on the spot and I offered to foster. She came into a house with three strange dogs and people she didn’t know and she just made herself comfortable. I kept her on meds until the vet saw her, but I could see nothing wrong with this dog. Eventually I was told to take her off the meds and she has been just fine. After a few weeks, I let her off leash in the leash free area and she has never stopped moving since. She loves swimming, other animals and people. Initially she was nervous of men, but seems to have no problem with anyone now. Once again I was a foster failure. There was an application on file for her, but for some reason it fell through. My old boy was not doing well and I knew he would not be with me long, so I asked if I could keep her. I lost my boy in May and adopted Lottie soon after. She is a sweet, affectionate girl and stole my heart. I don’t know how anyone could have given her up, but she certainly landed on her paws with me and I wouldn’t have it any other way. After this picture was taken, I nick-named her “Laughing Girl”.”   –   Linda

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