Sugar and Mira’s Story

“Meet Sugar and Mira. Sug is a staffy and Mira is a pit mix. Two dogs from different places that ended up with us within a week of each other.

We had just moved back from Whistler BC and wanted a dog desperately. When we were first contemplating getting a dog we researched manydifferent breeds. Both of us being dog lovers of any breed, we wanted the challenge of changing people’s minds on such a misunderstood dog. That’s when we found Bullies in need. We looked at the site so much on a daily basis that we knew all the dogs by name. However none of them were available in Ontario at the time. Other than one courtesy listing, Sugar. We contacted the lady who had her immediately, exchanging emails and organizing meetings. Being from a suspected fighting ring, this poor dog looked completely broken with her botched cropped ears, saggy nipples and scarred face. She had been rescued and then jumped foster home to foster home with no one willing to keep her and heal her.

While waiting for applications and responses about Sug, we would walk our neighbour’s neglected pit bull around Ottawa’s downtown core and the Byward market. In doing so, is how we randomly acquired Mira. A girl working in a market stall stopped us to pet our neighbour’s pit bull. After a chat with her she told us Mira’s Story.Mira (formally Maggie) was being paraded around the market by a crack head yelling “Pit bull for sale” over and over. The lady watched as the wrong type of people who wanted her for the wrong type of reasons. She took money from her stall and bought the skinny little pup. She didn’t want her she just didn’t want them to have her. So the next day we had a skinny little Mira with us.

She was 10 months old and 20% underweight. Sug was 8 years old and so far from being a dog. She didn’t understand toys or playing and although she could be testy with other dogs, she and Mira hit it off. Best friends were made. Mira’s calm and passive behaviour is exactly what Sug needed in a friend. Any sort of dominance with her does not go over well due to her aggressive past. 3 years later. We have the lazy and mopey 4 year old Mira whom is not so skinny and perhaps a tad overweight and the 11 year old endless ball of energy Sug. They really balance each other out. It has been a huge learning experience and a lot of work for these dogs. Several hour long walks a day, bike rides, swimming and teaching them to play. Not to mention educating people on our beloved bully breed. Convincing people to embrace dogs with shady pasts, showing them that what’s broken can be fixed with the right combination of love, exercise, and discipline and getting rid of the stigma behind one of the best breeds there is for loyalty and love.

Not only has it been good for them but it has been amazing for us. Besides the constant exercise love and affection, we also feel life would be impossible without them. The excitement when we walk through the door or just the morning grin from beneath the covers. Every day is made complete when we can look into their eyes.”

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