Nico and Lou’s Story

“French kissing enthusiast/60lb lap dog Nico comes from an Anishinabe reserve in northern Quebec. They had a large roaming dog population problem, and in 2011 they called in Animal Rescue Corps to help out. Seventeen of the dogs ARC rounded up came to Toronto, Fred Ni (a complete stranger and yet I feel I owe him at the very least a kidney for connecting my family with our lil stinkers) posted Nico dog and her teeny tiny litter-mates on his popular TAS Pound Dog blog, and the rest is, yeah, precious angelic history.

Little sister Lou, who actually just celebrated her two-year anniversary of adoption/terrorizing Nico and the cats, is an Amish puppy mill rescue. She spent the first six or so months of her life in a cage, after which she and a few of her siblings were deemed useless – thankfully, instead of killing them, the mill let Kismutt Rescue step in to collect their cast-offs. She spent some time in foster care figuring out how to be a dog and recovering from eye surgery – she’s blind in one. When Fred posted her photos, you know, I don’t think we’d been necessarily planning on a second dog, but look at this face!! It’s completely overwhelming.”

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