Lemon’s Story

“Lemon was rescues by Bullies In Need from the Paws R Us puppy mill bust in Montreal. She and one of her puppies were one of the last dogs left in the emergency shelter. As the resident beagle fanatic in the rescue I was asked if I’d foster her. She made the trip from Montreal to me chauffeured by one of my closest friends who affectionately referred to her as Lemon because of her colour. There is no way to know for certain but I’d suspect that she’s lived many years sheltered in the confines of the puppy mill. When she came to me Lemon was terrified of everyday things like the television, lights being turned on and any sort of traffic. But the worst part was that Lemon had mammory tumours. 6 months after she arrived in rescue and 3 surgeries later I decided to officially adopt Lemon. It was that same night that I received a call from our vet that the pathology of her recent surgery had come back and Lemon had cancer. She was given 10-12 months to live. That was 2.5 years ago. Lemon underwent one more major surgery and 5 months of chemo therapy. She denied her odds and is happily cancer free… for now. We live each day to the absolute fullest. She takes pleasure in racing around the house with her ball, romping with her sister and occasionally flirting with a foster puppy. Each night she curls up for snuggles and kisses. However long we have with her I have committed to making it the best.

Lemon reminds me every day how we can overcome, nose down, tail wagging in the wind – the best way is moving forward. ”  –  Patti

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