Roady’s Story

“I met Roady at a Toronto Area shelter that reached out on his behalf as he needed extensive eye surgery. Roady needed double entropic surgery on both eyes. While this would be very expensive for our rescue we could not turn down such an incredible dog. He was picked up from the shelter and taken straight to our vet as his eye condition was worsening and he was at risk of loosing an eye due to ulceration. After the surgery we were stuck for foster placement so I took this 100lb dog home… cone and all. The next few weeks Roady proved to be an ideal patient, tolerating multiple eye drops and likely incredible pain/discomfort. He was also excellent with my dogs and generally fit into my life as though he had always belonged. It took me longer than some to realize that Roady’s home was with me. In fact when I finally made it official with the other rescue coordinators I was informed that he had been removed from our pet finder listing months prior.

Shortly after Roady’s adoption was official I had to put my pit bull down for heath/age. I had lost my heart dog. Without a doubt Roady’s entrance into my life was not by accident. Roady’s presence strongly assisted me in my grief over the loss of my pit bull. He by no means could ever replace Nicky, but he did help fill a void of the big sucky dog that I was so desperately missing.

Whenever I’m having a bad day or a little extra stressed Roady always finds a way to snuggle up to me, wrap his legs around me and gently fall asleep – He’s my big spoon.”  –  Patti

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